So, this is Asking Alexandria Land. Where the magic happens. Beware of your ovaries. This contain sexy people.

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Mayhem Festival 2014  @ Nick Keck

Asking Alexandria is on this week’s Kerrang Magazine issue K!1529: ”Asking Alexandria: America’s Conquerors on Axl Rose, beards and wearing fur!”

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A day in the life with Danny Worsnop (or a Kanye West tribute day go look it up on his twitter)

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"Best buds keep each other cool in this fucking heat! :p"

Danny is so mature…

Asking Alexandria

thedannyworsnop: Seriously taking serious photoshoots for serious magazines serious covers seriously… For serious.
bby danny :3

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Korn’s Jonathan Davis joins Asking Alexandria for a cover of Duran Duran’s “Hungry Like The Wolf” at the APMAs.

You know we fucked after this photo was taken ;) :p